Pharma Solutions                            

Peepee excels in providing customised solutions to Pharma companies. Be it reprint products, tailor-made book on a specialised subjects, or single article reprints,  Peepee is committed to excellence in providing high quality books and journals to its customers.

Some of the noted Pharma companies we have worked with are USV ltd., Microlabs, Galderma India pvt ltd., Novartis, Sun pharmaceuticals, Modi-Mundipharma, Sandoz amongst others.



Peepee’s mantra is knowledge creation and dissemination. We encourage translation of our books in other languages such that the learning never stops due to language barrier. Our books have been translated into Asian languages. If you wish to translate any book/ journal from our printed book(s)/journals, kindly mail us at


Partnership with Institutions/ Societies

We offer a bouquet of services to Institutions and societies who are looking for an expert and reliable partner for publishing their material. We provide the following support:

  • Publishing services
  • Printing services
  • Distribution services
  • Marketing and Promotions services

You can choose any or a combination of these services as per your requirement.