Review of Forensic Medicine, 5/e

  • Review of Forensic Medicine, 5/e
Author : Sumit Seth
ISBN: 9788184451641
Year: 2014
Pages: 372
Binding: PB
Publisher Name: Peepee
Price: Rs.275.00
About Book
About the Book • Book is in bullet style, covering all aspects of Forensic Medicine with extensive chapter-wise MCQ Bank. • It is a must read book for every student aspiring for top ranks in PG Entrance Examination. • Its point-based approach will help undergraduate students to revise the subject and perform well in Viva Examination. • The information is densely packed and can be read in shortest possible time with high degree of retention. • All information checked in standard textbooks like Bernard Knight & Spitz and Fisher. • The Unique Selling Proposition of this book is the use of innovative study techniques for high yield viz. Memorizers - Mnemonics - Confuzer Spotting - cf. Confer - N.B. Nota Bene - Concepts Mapping – Potential Question Zones - Retro Analysis. About the Author Dr. Sumit Seth is a career diplomat, member of the prestigious Indian Foreign Services. He happens to be the youngest post-graduate of Forensic Medicine in India. As Police Surgeon, he has investigated and assisted more than 200 homicide cases (2000-2005) including the high profile Phoolan Devi Murder Case. He has appeared as Expert witness in many medico-legal cases and has contributed in several national and international academic publications.
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