Immunology: Basic Concepts

  • Immunology: Basic Concepts
Author : BK Gupta
ISBN: 9788184451078
Year: 2012
Pages: 308
Binding: PB
Publisher Name: Peepee
Price: Rs.412.00
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SALIENT FEATURES • A concept book of immunology for medical students, suitable for postgraduation courses and competitive entrance examinations including State and All India PGME, USMLE and PLAB. • Makes immunology understandable; clears the basic concept on the subject in simple language and remove the terror, “Immunology being a difficult subject”, from the minds of students. • Cover from an overview and types of immunity, complement system, antigen, immunoglobulin, genetics, biogenesis of antibodies and its interactions, cells and MHC to specific immune response. • Immune regulation, immunization, hypersensitivity, tolerance, autoimmunity, tumor immunology, immunodeficiency and recent advances in immunology have been sufficiently documented. • Chapters on emerging areas, such as immunocytochemistry and immunologically privileged sites have also been included for the first time. • Multi-author write-up and each invited contributor has expertise and professional involvement in their respective areas. • Provides an overall perception of all the aspects of immunity. • Discusses immunology in its real sense.
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