Current Pediatrics Practice Series II

  • Current Pediatrics Practice Series II
Author : Sunit Singhi, Joseph Mathew
ISBN: 9788184451603
Year: 2014
Pages: 152
Binding: PB
Publisher Name: Peepee
Price: Rs.295.00
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This volume has been prepared with a careful consideration of current issues and challenges in Pediatric practice. The volume has been carefully prepared bearing in mind the needs of Pediatricians in private practice as well as teaching institutions. The vision behind this work is to extend the experience and expertise of the Faculty in the Advanced Pediatrics Centre, PGIMER, to a wider audience. There have been numerous demands from various quarters, for benefitting from the knowledge and skills of the Faculty of this department. This book is a step forwards in that direction. This is also one of the core strengths of this book. Various authors (who are eminent experts in their field), have tried to convert their experience and expertise, into concise, easy-to-follow, practical algorithms that can be applied in academic centers as well as private practice. In addition, among the sixteen chapters of this book, readers will identify several topics of common, day-to-day interest that are never really taught in most postgraduate programmes, and therefore become confusing over time. Classic examples are the interpretation of CBC (Hemogram) printouts and TORCH reports. Likewise, this book presents the common challenges and pitfalls with various methods for diagnosing tuberculosis, and the optimal approach in the Indian context. There is a whole chapter devoted to the diagnosis, management and follow-up of febrile seizures. These chapters not only provide an up-to-date review of the current state of knowledge, but also present the evidence base for current practice, whilst also exposing readers to the institutional experience in these areas. This book will serve the purpose of a textbook as well as a refresher course. Editors: Dr. Sunit Singhi & Dr. Joseph L. Mathew
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