Review of Forensic Medicine 7e

  • Review of Forensic Medicine 7e
Author : Dr Sumit Seth
ISBN: 9788184452440
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Price: Rs.325.00
About Book

Salient Features-

Bullet style, covering all aspects of Forensic Medicine with extensive chapterwise MCQ Bank.

Point-based approach to help undergraduate students revise the subject and perform well in the Viva.

A must-read for every student aspiring for top ranks in the PG Entrance Examination.

Densely-packed with information and can be read in the shortest possible time with a high degree of retention.

Information fully verified in textbooks like Bernard Knight and Spitz and Fisher.


Innovative study techniques for high yield:

Memorizers | Mnemonics | Confuzer Spotting |

cf. Confer | N.B. Nota Bene | Concepts Mapping |

Potential Question Zones | Retro-Analysis | Forensic

Name Game | Forensic Imaginarium

About Author

Dr. Sumit Seth is a career diplomat in the prestigious Indian Foreign Service and concurrently the youngest postgraduate of Forensic Medicine in India.

As Police Surgeon, he investigated and assisted in more than 200 homicide cases (2000-2005) including the high profile Phoolan Devi Murder Case. He has appeared as an Expert Witness in many medicolegal cases and has contributed to a number of national and international academic publications.

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